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ESHA BEAUTY High Quality skincare set

$88.00 $129.99
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description ; ESHA BEAUTY skincare products

product:  hydrating face moisturizer, perfect 10 oil face cleanser, tea face mist(toner), cucumber daily cleanser.

product name: ESHA BEAUTY

type: skincare product

size: 4

8 fl. oz. daily face cleanser: cucumber and white willow (1)

net wt.2 oz.(57g) face moisturizer :hyaluronic acid and aloe(1)

1fl. oz.(30ml) perfect 10 oil face cleanser(1)

net wt. 1oz.(28g) tea mist (1)

ESHA BEAUTY skincare

cucumbers, white tea, green tea, fruit extract, plant base oils, aloe, vitamin B3, avocado, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, white willow just to name a few. see packaging for full list.

for best results follow the directions on packaging

warning: keep out of reach of children

 age; adult

gender; female

availability; 12

title; ESHA BEAUTY skincare

price; $ 80.00

4 unit set